Let’s go for beauty!    

Dobry is a brand leader in its field and is fondly known as the “juice of the people”. It was first launched in the domestic market in 1998 during the economic downfall in Russia, and became a No.1 brand in Mongolia in 2003.    

The brand’s concept is to discover the nobility in the depth of Russian hearts. Pioneering manufacturer, The Multon Company, created a brand with a simple name, a unique taste, quality packaging and a fair price.

They manufacture 100 per cent juices and cold teas with berry and plant extracts.

Forbes magazine placed the company in the top five 50 Best Russian Brands in 2008.

Dobry has successfully retained its position as a market leader; about 70 million people in Russia buy Dobry’s fruit and pure juice, with 30 million of them buying it regularly and rating Dobry above other manufacturers.           

MCS Coca-Cola Company secured exclusive distribution rights for Dobry products in Mongolia in 2015. 


Energy-48 kcal


Добрый апельсин

Tetrapack: 1000ml, 1500ml, 330ml
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