We provide 3rd or 4th grade students who meet the Company’s requirements for a job position with a GENERAL and INDUSTRIAL PRACTICE opportunity within the profession the student is studying, in order to support you to become a skilled specialist in the future.


  • 3.0 or 85% or higher GPA
  • 3rd or 4th grade student of a university or institute
  • Passed problem solving test successfully.

If a student has fully met requirements of the job position during the practice period, we’ll provide the following opportunities

A job invitation after graduating from university/institute

Work as a part time, paid employee until you graduate

To do a diploma dissertation practice


Students who want to do practice shall submit the following materials:

  • Application form {http://internship.mcs.mn/application.aspx} – to be filled in online
  • Request letter from the university/institute for practice
  • Score list, confirmed by the study office
  • Practice instruction
  • Copy of citizenship ID    
  • 2 copies of photographs




Монгол Улсын Засгийн газар, МҮХАҮТ хамтран 2020 онд улс орныхоо нийгэм, эдийн засгийн хөгжилд бодито
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М-Си-Эс Кока-Кола компани Олон Улсын Олимпийн өдрөөр хүн төрөлхтний үнэт өв эрдэнэ болох олимпийн со
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